The JKU Learning Center provides functional learning spaces, communication areas, and research zones in an appealing environment. It offers a pleasant atmosphere for project-based learning and group work or allows for focused and relaxed work in productive silence.

The two spatially stacked and rotated building components serve hybrid functions: The existing building from the 1980s serves as the base with functions for acquiring, collecting, archiving, and providing literature.

Three floors with well-stocked bookshelves and infrastructure for research and media use house the university library. On top of this, extending more than twenty meters beyond it and supported by fifteen columns, is the new Learning Center, whose purpose is also, but not only, determined by the library located underneath. It offers a wide range of uses.


Country, City: Austria, Linz Urfahr
Street: Altenbergerstraße 69
(JKU Campus)
Land Area: Approximately 2,500 m²
Condition: Expansion
Commissioning: September 2020
Client: BIG Bundes Immobilien Gesellschaft
Construction Start: June 2018